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Peter Wollmann has been acting as program director for global transformations within Zurich Insurance Company (ZIC) and as a senior mentor, sparring partner, and catalyst for leaders in new roles and responsibilities and for organizations. His experience bases on a broad career over 38 years in diverse project/program roles at a global scale, or line management roles like leading Project Portfolio Management, Strategic Business Development and Strategic Planning & Controlling units in ZIC, Deutsche Bank Insurance Group and Deutscher Herold. Peter has a degree in mathematics and physics from the University of Bonn (Germany). He is author and publisher of diverse books and articles around strategy, leadership and project and project portfolio management. He additionally founded and leads a wine business start-up named VinAuthority.

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Frank Kühn has been facilitating projects on transformation, organization and leadership for over 25 years. His work connects experience, future thinking, and getting into rapid action with the people. His latest project involved building a Business Unit 4.0, transition of a bank towards agile working, customer-centered re-organization of an HR unit, and development of rapid product development processes. Frank graduated in engineering and received his doctorate in work science. After leadership experience in research and industry, he was a partner at HLP in Frankfurt (Germany) and ICG Integrated Consulting Group in Berlin (Germany) and Graz (Austria). Currently, he is a self-employed consultant, business partner of ICG and associated with further development and project partners. 

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Michael U. Kempf has been an experienced management consultant for over 20 years. The driving force of his professional activities is his strong ambition to design processes and organizations in a sustainable manner. It is a particular pleasure for him to identify key challenges, to diagnose complex relationships and to assist in shaping the future. Gaining experience and learning something new are indispensable parts of his life, that is why he likes to seize new chances: on his way from carpentry to studies in social work, education and business administration, in various jobs in social work; during 10 years as manager (HR and logistics) in industrial and retail companies and since 1998 in consulting people, leadership teams as well as working teams and organizations that are all very different. Michael has co-authored several publications in the field of leadership and organizational development.

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Meet the authors who contributed to Three Pillars

An international and interdisciplinary team of nineteen authors, practitioners and consultants worked together to develop the Three Pillars model. Each author presents the concept in a unique context, showing how the Three Pillars are relevant and applicable in a wide variety of fields, industries and organizations.

Tim Burmeister
James Chamberlain
Nicole Hönig de Locarnini
Frank Kühn
Alfred Mevissen
Fernando Sanabria
Alberto Casagrande
Bob Dignen
Isabell Huschka
Christal Lalla
Mersida Ndrevataj
Hannspeter Schmidt
Bernadette Cass
Volker Hische
Michael Kempf
Sharon Lalla
Reto Püringer
Marie Theres Schmidt
Peter Wollmann

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