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Three Pillars of Organization and Leadership in Disruptive Times

Navigating Your Company Successfully Through

the 21st Century Business World

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Three Pillars is a new model for dynamic organization management in today's volatile, uncertain and ambiguous ("VUCA") world.

The approach revisits - and in some cases reinvents - working and leadership styles that seemed appropriate in the last decades and centuries, but which may be outdated in the challenging times of today.

The core elements of this model, the eponymous Three Pillars, are the concepts "Sustainable Purpose", "Travelling Organization" and "Connecting Resources". These pillars challenge many of our traditional organizational patterns and meet the need for effective transformative approaches.

In the book, published as part of the Springer "Future of Business and Finance" series, an international and interdisciplinary team of nineteen authors explores this new model in a wide variety of fields, industries and organizations.

On this website, we invite you to find out more about the book, get to know the authors and editors and explore the central concepts of the Three-Pillars-Model.

If you want do dive right into a comprehensive look at the model, this in-depth article is for you.

Published 2021: Part 2

The second book on the 3-P-Model, which builds on the first book, was published in 2021.
Focusing on the implementation of the model, we consider a wide variety of application cases in VUCA times, including global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Basis of the Two Books

The 3-P-Model was developed and published in two books by a group of now more than 40 international professionals, coming from 5 continents and more than 15 countries.

Our author community brings in extensive knowledge and experience in organization development, leadership and transformation from more than 15 large global enterprises in different industries or other global institutions and more than 25 different national companies or organizations. 

The two books present more than 30 use cases in the private and public sector from all over the world together with more than 10 general deepening concept and design articles.

A Closer Look

Interested in our books on the 3-P-Model? We have prepared a short summary, as well as an extensive description of the contents of the first two books to give you an in-depth look!

The Next Publications in 2022

We are pleased to announce two more books in the series: "Navigating a Travelling Organization: Insights, Ideas and Impulses from the 3-P-Model" and "Transforming Public and Private Sector Organizations: Implementing Sustainable Purpose, Travelling Organization and Connectivity for Resilience"

Having covered the basics of the 3-P-Model in depth in our first two books of the Three Pillars series, we now follow up with two more books that expand the scope of practical application and pursue two different directions of focus. Both books can be enjoyed separately, but they both come from parts of the same large international professional community.

The third book in the series was edited by Michael Kempf and Frank Kühn, the fourth book was edited by Peter Wollmann and Reto Püringer.

Book 3: "Navigating a Travelling Organization: Insights, Ideas and Impulses from the 3-P-Model"

In Book 3, Michael and Frank focus on insights, ideas, impulses on how to navigate a travelling organization towards its future under uncertain conditions such as crisis, disruption, and continuous change. We developed this book as a reader for the 3-P application, offering effective approaches and perspectives, inspirations, and fresh thinking for navigating organizations towards future success. The book is titled "Navigating a Travelling Organization” and was recently published by SpringerNature.

Book 4: "Transforming Public and Private Sector Organizations"

In Book 4, Peter and Reto explore a new interpretation of next-level transformations with a travelling organization and its key capability to transform, based on the Travelling Organization concept. This challenge was taken by the editors together with all an international author team and a group of interviewees from all over the world. The title of this book is "Transforming Public and Private Sector Organizations: Implementing Sustainable Purpose, Travelling Organization and Connectivity for Resilience" and was published in September 2022. For Details, see the official Springer page.

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