Three Pillars of Organization and Leadership in Disruptive Times

Navigating Your Company Successfully Through

the 21st Century Business World

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Three Pillars is a new model for dynamic organization management in today's volatile, uncertain and ambiguous ("VUCA") world.

The approach revisits - and in some cases reinvents - working and leadership styles that seemed appropriate in the last decades and centuries, but which may be outdated in the challenging times of today.

The core elements of this model, the eponymous Three Pillars, are the concepts "Sustainable Purpose", "Travelling Organization" and "Connecting Resources". These pillars challenge many of our traditional organizational patterns and meet the need for effective transformative approaches.

In the book, published as part of the Springer "Future of Business and Finance" series, an international and interdisciplinary team of nineteen authors explores this new model in a wide variety of fields, industries and organizations.

On this website, we invite you to find out more about the book, get to know the authors and editors and explore the central concepts of the Three-Pillars-Model.

If you want do dive right into a comprehensive look at the model, this in-depth article is for you.

Just Published: Part 2

We are pleased to announce that the second book on the 3-P-Model has been published as eBook! The print version will follow in April 2021.

Focusing on the implementation of the model, we consider a wide variety of application cases in VUCA times, including global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Basis of the Two Books

The 3-P-Model was developed and published in two books by a group of now more than 40 international professionals, coming from 5 continents and more than 15 countries.

Our author community brings in extensive knowledge and experience in organization development, leadership and transformation from more than 15 large global enterprises in different industries or other global institutions and more than 25 different national companies or organizations. 

The two books present more than 30 use cases in the private and public sector from all over the world together with more than 10 general deepening concept and design articles.

A Closer Look

Interested in our books on the 3-P-Model? We have prepared a short summary, as well as an extensive description of the contents of the first two books to give you an in-depth look!

Work in Progress: Book 3

We are currently working on the third book in the series under the working title "Navigating a Travelling Organization in Disruptive Times - The 3-P-Model in Further Development and Application".

The scope of the third book will be to deep-dive into the Pillar “Travelling Organization”. This focus has resulted from the dialogue with readers and professionals sustainably showing special demand and particular interest in these globally difficult times of change, disruption and crisis, venturing into uncertain terrain, juggling with digitalization agility, hybridity and other challenges. “Travelling Organization” is still partly unexplored in detail as previous models of change management, strategy development and strategy controlling as well as the management of (hybrid) organizations have reached their limits.


Thus, the aim of the third book  is to cover the expressed demand and to focus on approaches, holistic connections of instruments, procedures and practices (including decision making) for navigating a Travelling Organization. In this context, navigation is understood comprehend-sively, which means not only but also instrument- and procedure-oriented with the strong target to give decision-makers greater certainty in decision-making, in designing effective navigation processes and practices, in impact-orientation and control. 

Please check out the narrative of the third book here!

We will keep you informed about our progress on a regular basis!